8 Best Heart-Wrenching Movies To Watch With Your Family

Sad movies are supposed to make you feel sad, right? Wrong! It’s true that there are plenty of movies out there that make you cry your eyes out. But sometimes, a good tear-jerker can help put life into perspective and bring family members together. Here are some of our favorite heart-wrenching films for your next family movie night:

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is a great movie to watch with the whole family, as it’s a film about friendship and acceptance. The film follows a young boy named Hogarth who befriends an alien robot that crash-lands in his backyard one night. The robot has no memory of where he came from or what he’s supposed to do here on Earth; however, Hogarth helps him find out who he is and where he came from by learning lessons about remembering oneself.


Coco is a story about a young boy who wants to be a musician. But he travels to the land of the dead to find his long-lost great-great-grandfather. It is based on the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Marley & Me

This is about a family who adopts a dog, Marley, as a puppy. The dog grows up to be an adorable Labrador retriever who makes the family’s life better in every way possible. However, as time passes and Marley gets older he becomes more aggressive and misbehaves. Eventually, he dies from old age and the family is heartbroken over their loss of him but they come together again at his funeral to celebrate all of the good times they had together while they were living with him.

The Reader

The Reader is a 2008 German-American romantic drama film directed by Stephen Daldry and written by David Hare, based on the 1995 German novel of the same name by Bernhard Schlink. The film stars Kate Winslet as Hanna Schmitz, a former concentration camp guard who in 1958 becomes romantically involved with Michael Berg (David Kross), a 15-year-old student. Their relationship leads to consequences neither can anticipate.

Inside Out

This movie is about a young girl named Riley who moves to San Francisco with her parents and has to go through many family struggles in the process. It’s a great movie because it shows how sad things can make you feel good too, which makes it really relatable for families trying to get through life together. It also features some really fun characters like Bing Bong and Joy that will keep you entertained throughout the whole thing!

August Rush

August Rush is a movie about a boy who is abandoned by his mother at birth and goes on a journey to find her. It’s also a musical, so there are plenty of songs to keep you entertained, even if it gets sad at times. The cast includes Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Terrence Howard, and Keri Russell.

A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember, based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, tells the story of Landon Carter (Shane West), a popular teenage boy who falls for Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore). Landon, who is everything that Jamie isn’t-tough and uncaring-thinks he doesn’t need her in his life until he begins to see her as more than just an oddity.

A Walk To Remember has been praised for its beautiful cinematography and music, which make it perfect for watching with your family. It also explores themes such as friendship and first love while remaining true to Christianity. The movie ends on a note that reminds viewers that even though we may lose our way sometimes, there’s always hope if we believe in God’s forgiveness.


Up is Pixar’s first movie to deal with death. It focuses on the life of an old man named Carl Fredricksen, who decides to build a house on a cliff and live out his final days there. He finds a young boy of his advanced age who he names “Russell” and takes him under his wing, making sure that he learns about the world as much as possible before it’s too late for them both.

The movie has several themes that tie together well: accepting loss, making connections with others, and living life to its fullest extent regardless of what comes next. The main message here is that even though you may lose someone you love, it doesn’t mean they’ll never be there again-they’re still within each one of us if we look hard enough!

You can’t really deny the fact that some movies are just sad. Some will make you cry, while others might not even make you shed a tear. But that doesn’t matter because they still do their job of making the audience feel something and think about how life would be without certain people or places in our lives. These heart-wrenching films are a great way to connect with your family members on an emotional level by sharing experiences together when watching them together at home.

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