About My Family

Hi! Thank you for visiting Lau Family Travels! My name is Chris and I am an entrepreneur. I created this blog with the help of my beautiful wife, Jess, who is a freelance writer. I met Jess eleven years ago, on a trip to Vietnam. She had come along with her friends and our connection was instant. We were both digital nomads and had an insatiable thirst for travel. The rest is history. Ever since then, we have been traveling together, exploring histories and cultures from all over the world. We even tied the knot about seven years ago. Now, we travel in a group of four, with our sweet babies – Avery and Shay.

One thing that has changed since we had kids is that now we need to space out our trips because they are both in school. Still, we have been on numerous vacations over the years. We try to plan at least three per year, usually on birthdays or other special occasions. Together with our kids, we have seen islands, forests, seas, and so much more. These little getaways are usually the highlight of the entire year. And safe to say, we have learned a lot of lessons as well; the do’s and don’ts of solo as well as family travel. It is bound to happen, especially when you have been traveling all your life.

So we thought – why not share our experience with people who are passionate about the same things? In this blog, we will cover a range of topics – solo travel, family travel, vacation planning, and camping, to name a few. We hope to create a community of travelers who can help each other live out all their wanderlust dreams. So, thanks again for visiting us, and be sure to take a look around before you go!